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Folding cartons and boxes

We design and manufacture a wide range of stock and custom packaging for the cosmetic, food, retail and consumer markets.

Our range includes food grade packing boxes including eco-friendly boxes, cold/ hot food boxes, retail cartons and more.

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Retail Displays

One of the most effective methods of driving sales, retail displays can be optimised from warehouse to shelf.

Choices include;

  • POP/ POS displays

  • Dump bins, clearance lines

  • Free standing and end of aisle

  • Gondola and window displays

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Stand up pouches

Stand up pouches offer numerous benefits and are widely used to transfer perishables, consumables and weather sensitive products.

  • Excellent for branding

  • Easy to open/resealable

  • Durable and weather resistant

  • High impact on shelf

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Paper bags

Custom paper bags are a cost effective solution to drive brand awareness.​

  • Die-cut bags 

  • Zipper-lock and slide-lock bags

  • Shopping bags

  • Foil bags and pouches

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Shelf Ready Cartons

Designed to present your brand and products as ‘best in class’, shelf ready packaging can optimise your supply chain and be manufactured either ‘tray ready’ or ‘perforated’ to enhance the brand experience.

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Gift boxes

If you have a product that requires a distinctive merchandising approach, we can help. Simply, email us an image of your product and idea and our design specialists will advise on the options available.

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